Advanced Tree Care Has a 127 Foot Crane!

Where other tree services may say no because they can't reach your tree, we are fully equipped and trained to access difficult to reach areas. The advantage of using a crane in our tree service is one of safety, not only for our crew but also for trees with dangerous limbs in tall trees or other hazardous issues; as well as preserving our client’s property.

Crane work allows us to safely position a crane on your property and instead of riggings and crew members shimmying up a tree, they can be safely lowered onto the tree. Of course, if a tree is not overly tall, this does not apply. For trees over 20 feet in height, using a crane is beneficial.

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Advantages of using a crane

  • Assessing Trees with wide crowns and heights from 20 feet and taller - It is difficult to assess possible damage to a tree with the naked eye.  With the new crane's birds-eye view, assessment of damage is much more easily done, whether it is a dangerous limb concern, weakening of tree limbs, or concerns about the health of the tree itself.
  • Invasive insects damaging the crown - Pests like the spotted lanternfly, among other invasive insects, seek to lay eggs where the sacks are less likely to be found. Being able to spot and destroy them as well as treat the tree for the damage is essential to having a healthy tree and a likely less
    annoying summer. Spotted lanternflies disrupt the health of the tree by drilling into the pathways that deliver nutrients to the tree. The emerald ash borer is another invasive pest that also drills into ash trees. Early intervention or less than 50 percent of canopy damage means the tree can be treated and saved.
  • Tree or trees located in hard-to-reach areas or fenced in areas with limited space.  Use of a crane responsibly means taking into account the possible unevenness of a property, location of the tree in question, how soft the ground is, and the size of the tree all affect how the crane
    is used. Blocks are sometimes used to level the crane as it must be able to offset the weight of the tree in question.

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