Hurricanes come with strong winds, driving rain and sometimes tornados. Making sure your property is in good shape and your trees are healthy is better done prior to hurricane season than during, which is about the worst time.

The professionals at Advanced Tree Service LLC can help by seeing which trees need extensive pruning to remove cracked limbs or anchoring others to withstand punishing winds.

Hazardous trees: Generally, these are trees that have ‘health’ related issues.

  • A tree with large limbs that are broken and hanging.
  • The trunk is badly infested with mold or rot or insects.
  • Recent or ongoing weather-related damage.

It is always a good idea at least once a season to take a look around your property. Whether it is a bush or shrub that fared badly through the winter or an old family favorite that is shedding limbs, taking an inventory gives you an idea of the work ahead.

Dangerous trees: These are trees that can impair the quality of life for your family and your property.

  • Pine trees are known among others for this, growing so tall as to tower over your home.
  • A tree that has begun to tilt due to either height or age.
  • Tree roots that can or have begun to break your home’s foundation, walkways, or driveway.
  • Limbs of trees growing near cable or electrical wires.

Trees like this need to be removed to not further compound problems. The tilting or towering trees can come down in any sort of storm and often at the worst possible time. Having a tree pierce your roof or shatter the picture window during a hurricane is financially unpleasant. It is significantly less costly to remove a dangerous tree in calm weather than to have to hire a removal in an emergency.

Other tasks before extreme weather hits:

  • Remove items that may fly around in windy conditions like pool toys, children’s bicycles, and toys.
  • Secure larger items by tying them down if necessary, including pool ladders, swing sets and sandboxes.
  • Get a professional assessment of your property by Advance Tree Service LLC

Watching a storm from inside the safety of your house is much more relaxing knowing your home and family are safe.