What is tree pruning?

The removal of select branches from a tree is referred to as pruning. To make a tree safer, healthier, and more attractive or to improve your view is only some of the reasons pruning is done. It helps to prolong their useful life and improve the health and appearance of trees by removing undesired branches, whether they are dead, weakened, diseased, or insect infested. Pruning also provides clearance for driveways, structures, streets, sidewalks and overhead lines. 


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When should a tree be pruned?

Trees are best pruned while they are dormant. Late winter is when Conifers, non-blooming trees, and summer-blooming trees are in the dormant stage, halting their growth. Dropping temperatures and inactivity is the ideal setting for pruning. If pruned after new growth has started, the plant's bloom is limited for the year. Spring-blooming trees should be pruned immediately after they bloom.

Wounds will heal faster at these times, keeping the plant strong. In winter, there is less risk of disease or pest infestation due to the cold weather. Also, it is easier to see what limbs need to be cut due to lack of leaves. Keep in mind that you can remove dead or damaged limbs at any time. Pruning cycles are typically three or five years.

Pruning that can be done any time of the year:

-Trim back small branches, ones that can be cut with a handheld lopping shear.

-Lightly shape hedges or conifers.

-Remove all dead or diseased branches. It is important to remove weakened branches in the fall if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or ice storms. Better to prune in the wrong time of year than risk your tree being injured by a storm.


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What methods are there of pruning?


Crown Clean

Crown Cleaning is the process of removing the problematic branches from the lower and outer layer of the tree. These branches that are dying, diseased, crowded, or posing danger to the life are removed. Very little of the live and healthy crown is affected by this process. This can promote healthy, long-term tree growth.


Crown Raise

Crown Raising, or Tree Skirting, is the process of removing the lower limbs of the tree. This promotes a healthy tree by isolating the leaf canopy from enviromental factors (insects and rot). This is an excellent way to enhance views and provide more landscaping options.


Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction particular pruning technique regularly preformed on large tress, specifically on dense pine trees, found near buildings. In a single operation, not more than a third of the total area is removed. This process allows wind to move throughout the tree, which reduces the chance of a catastrophe. More air and light can reach the inner portion of the tree reducing needle drop. Crown reduction can make for a healthier, safer and more attractive tree.


Tree Windowing

Tree Windowing creates a window of vision through the trees to improve the view. This is an excellent option for homeowners who have homes with balconies, large bay windows, decks, and etc.

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