Safety is Key in Tree Removal

Tree removal may be necessary if a tree is dead, dying and dangerous, or is in the way of new construction. The trees stability, age, and whether it’s near any electrical lines area are all deliberations that are needed to be considered when analyzing a tree removal. No two tree removals are the same. Our tree experts will inspect the jobsite for hazards and determine how much rigging equipment will be required, or if a crane assistance is needed. With a customizable approach to tree removal is guaranteed to match any of your needs or budget. Our professionals guarantee your tree removal needs will be done safely and expertly regardless of the service level you select.

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Is a Tree Touching Your Roof or Siding?

With a tree touching your roof or siding, mold growth happens by preventing the sun’s rays from drying out the shingles and siding. Layers of asphalt and gravel can be stripped off your roof when the branches scrape against the shingles on a windy day. Clogged gutters are more likely due to branches on your roof. This may cause further problems in the future.

Are a Tree’s Roots Close to Your Foundation?

Trees are dominant organisms. Trees, especially large ones, can easily break through the foundation causing damages to your home. This can be every expensive and prevention is the better alternative in this case.

Is Your Tree Threatening Your Neighbor’s Property?

You do not want to be responsible for a fallen tree removal, a lawyer, and a lawsuit from a financial perspective. Do you really want live next to someone whose home and perhaps lives you have put at risk or worse? Long term it is better to take care of trees that might cause damage on both the wallet and mind.

Is a Neighbor’s Tree Threatening Your Property?

In most cases, informing a neighbor about the potential hazards their tree may cause is the best remedy. Asking them to hire a tree removal expert to trim or remove the trees as where necessary. Of course, you cannot legally force neighbors to remove a tree in the state of New Jersey. It is your homeowner’s policy that will cover the damage if their tree falls on your home. There are ways to protect yourself from a neglected tree. To learn more about your options, read about what you can do if a neighbor’s tree might fall on your property.

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