Landscaping & Lawn Care

Proper Pruning amends the wellbeing and aesthetics of the shrubs. By removing undesirable branches, it prolongs their useful life. With the proper pruning procedures, we promote a healthy, beautiful growth to keep your landscape as beautiful as your shrub ages.

Fertilization helps plants with the required nitrogen need to thrive. Too much nitrogen in the soil will stifle your garden’s ability to fruit and flower. Even though it can be a tenuous task, your plants will likely be lush and green. Our professionals take fertilization very seriously and take great care to maintain the balance of nutrients needed in the soil your plants needs in order to strive and thrive.

Weeding can take an expensive and often sad turn when an inexperienced person starts yanking things from your garden. With weeding you keep your valued plants alive and thriving. It keeps unwanted plants and weeds away and promotes the health of your valued plant life.

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Plant Selection

We know the most important factors in landscape planning. Our experts are here to help guild you through them.

What is your plant hardness zone?

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a starting point for your landscape design choices. Local nurseries will likely have plenty of options for you that will work in your zone. Keep in mind like dreaming about the perfect landscape for your home, that you need to keep your zone numbers in mind. Northwestern New Jersey is mostly in zones 6a-6b. Northeast New Jersey is primarily in zones 6b-7a.


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What are the environmental factors of your yard?

Along with the zones, it is important to keep in mind the environment of your yard. Are there areas with lots of sun or shade? Are there tons of clay in the soil due to being on a mountain? Do you have bodies of water on your property? Understanding which plants thrive in which conditions is essential to maintaining a beautiful landscape. We can help you achieve the look you want with plants that will be able to thrive in their respected location, while ensuring a long-lived landscape. 


Who Enjoys Your Yard?

Who will be enjoying your yard? Will parties be held? Will children be playing in it? Will animals be exercising there? It is important to keep the end results in mind when choosing your landscape features. A pretty cactus might be what your yard needs but regretted when a toddler cries when playing with the pretty flowers. Liles, tulips and azaleas are poisonous to an animal known to eat plants. Relay all concerns to your landscape designer when choosing landscape features. 


Where are your favorite views?

A featured plant in the wrong place could result into a massive plant blocking out your view of a mountain or waterfront, or even the line of sight to your child’s playground. That oversize plant can be expensive to maintain, remove or relocate. Decide ahead of time how high your landscape needs to be so plants don’t reach above that height.

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