How to Keep Shrubs Healthy

Proper pruning improves the health and appearance of shrubs.

By pruning shrubs, it prolongs their useful life. Removing undesirable branches, such as dead, weakened diseased, or insect-infested branches will keep them healthy. Being trained and knowing the proper pruning procedures, our team of professional know how to help promote the healthy growth of shrubs.


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Pruning Flowering Shrubs


Summer blooming shrubs are pruned in late winter or early spring. This is the best time to prune due to their flower buds form on new wood produced during the current season. Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering. Flower buds develop during the previous growing season on "old wood". Pruning too early will remove the flower buds.

Pruning Small Trees & Older Shrubs

As a shrub matures, old, brittle, rubbing, or wayward branches need to be thinned where they unite with another branch. With pruning, this can keep a healthy and vigorous shrub. Although many individuals fail to have their shrub pruned. This results in shrubs becoming often leggy, and unattractive, and flowering shrubs many not bloom at all. With our dedication and knowledge, our professionals can rejuvenate your overgrown shrubs in a matter of time.


When to prune your own shrubs


Throughout the year shrub thinning may be necessary. To increase the lifespan and beauty of your shrub it is best to have dead, weak, damaged or overcrowded branches trimmed. Other types of pruning at the wrong time of year can be damaging to your shrubs. As each shrub is different, our professionals are educated in all matters of tree and plant health. This includes the best times to prune for each of the various species.

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