How does stump grinding work?

Stumps are ground six to eight inches below ground level. It is intended to be done where grass is to be planted, to make room for a new tree, or to clear the way for a driveway, paving stones, or poured concrete. Grinding offers a swift, clean and proficient way to remove your stumps. With this method of stump removal vs pulling out stumps, the risk of damage to lawns, irrigation systems, driveways and home's foundations is diminished. 

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Stump Rot

It can take decades for a stump to rot. They become unattractive the more they decay and can become possessed with suckers and shoots until they die. Old stumps become an eyesore and a tripping hazard. Dying stumps attract aphids and termites and depending on how close the stump is to a building, can become an unforeseen costly expense.


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