Tree Chipping

Tree chipping for debis removal is more economical than tree hauling and safer than buring. It is also a beneficial way to recycle your old trees, and utilize around your property. Chipping services are available for trunks and branches up to 20 inches in diameter. 


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What are wood chips good for?

  • Use Wood Chips are Mulch

Using wood chip mulch in your garden can suppress the growth of weeds, help plants retain water and help keep plants warm. Before remulching plants, old mulch should be churn up or removed so plants aren't buried. Do not over mulch your plants.

  • Wood Chips for Erosion Control

Add wood chips on sloped areas where soil loss is problem for erosion control. This will help stabilize the soil and reduce speed of water as it moves over the slope.

  • Use Wood Chips As a Firestarter

Wood chips can be a useful as a fire starter or used in small fire such as in a fire pit, even though it is not recommend to burn a large pile of wood chips.

  • Use Wood Chips As Compost

Add wood chips to your compost pile. Chips have a high carbon content and can improve the condition of the soil. This will be more nutritious for the plants.

  • Use Wood Chips on a Walkway Surface

For an affordable way to define a walk-way area add wood chips tom where you place a more permanent walkway. This will help keep plants from growing and taking over.

  • Use Wood Chips on a Play Area Surface

As a natural alternative to crumb rubber, soft wood chips can help cushion falls and provide a safe, nonslip surface for play areas. Keep wood chips rotated to help keep them soft and reduce the chances of splintering.

  • Use Wood Chips as Decor

Try using wood chip in a vase when working with dried or artificial flower to stabilize them and hold upright. They are also used in the construction of works of art and furniture, where their variable shape, patterns, and color can create a great deal of visual interest.


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